About Us

AGM Technology was founded in May 2009 with the aim to simplify the supply, management and delivery of a highly reliable and affordable print infrastructure. We believe that printing should be simple, straight-forward and have predictable costs upfront. We realize this aim through a combination of services provided to our small , large and institutional clientel.

In September 2009 we launched SupplyNet a comprehensive intergrated software platform connecting our sales channel directly to our core distributors in 5 states across the country to offer same-day and next day delivery on over 3,500 print consumable products and 2,000 Multi-Media and I.T Related Products including Monitors, Large Screen Plasma Displays, Digital Projectors,Electronic Whiteboards, Data-Storage Servers, Network Hubs & Switches, Cables & Accessories and Software Products.

AGM PrintSmart.

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