Document Management




Built on Microsoft technology, Intelledox is a user-friendly solution that enables the fast, accurate and compliant creation of documents; tailored to individual business requirements and delivery methods.

The total document creation system integrates seamlessly with other line of business applications, such as TRIM, Documentum, Siebel ERP, Microsoft Outlook, CRM, and other proprietary or legacy applications. With Intelledox document creation, existing systems operate at optimum levels and template design no longer requires IT specialists; therefore, providing an excellent return on investment.

Put simply: Intelledox document creation enables the production of high-quality documentation that is fast, individually tailored, consistent and 100% accurate.

No matter how complicated your document requirements are – Intelledox will make your organisation more productive and efficient, while eliminating the risk of human error in document creation.

For more information on how AGM Technology can help your organisation automate the creation of documents, please contact us. Phone: 1800 728 150

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