Print Management

AGM Print Management can reduce the overall cost of print in an organisation by upto 50%.

By conducting a thorough audit of your current print environment we are able to assess your organisations needs and develop a stratedgy to deliver the right devices and service . By using the right print devices you could be saving upto 400% on the cost of a printed page.

AGM Technology :: Our Process

Identify Needs

The first step in our process. Allowing us to analyse the present environment and how you work will form the basis for everything else. In developing a print management stratedgy we take into account such things as, present equipment age/condition, usage patterns, deployment layout, and any present contracts or obligations.


Once the first-stage of the process is completed.  We look at your needs an match them with the best solutions available on the market across a number of manufacturers, AGM Technology is independent and non-biased in choosing the right technology for your company.


When AGM Technology presents a proposal for your print infrastructure you can be sure that the solution is the ‘best-fit’ for your organisation, many of the contracts are very flexible so as you arent locked in for long periods of time should your needs change.

Implementation / Training

AGM Technology will take care of the implementation and logistics associated with setting up your print infrastructure, from delivery to configuration and setup on your network. Once setup and configured AGM Technology will give your staff hands on training on how to maximize their productivity and get the most out of the equipment.


Your Print entire print fleet will be professionally monitored and managed by AGM Technology’s service desk , pre-scheduled maintenance will be carried out to ensure uptime is kept to the highest levels. Supplies and consumables will delivered automatically before they run out, and any additional service calls or technical support can be place through our support line. One phone call and everything is taken care of.

Disposal – End of Life

Once your print devices have reached the end of their life, they can be disposed of via AGM’s I.T Asset recycling service. Your devices will be analysed for age and condition, items with resale value will be credited for and non resale items will be billed a small fee and disposed of in an environmentally sound way, with upto 90% raw material reclamation.

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